Things to do in Munich in the month December

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I made a short summary of what to do in December in Munich. There are many things to do during this festive season for example go to one of the many Christmas stalls/markets   with several drink options like Glühwein, Kinder Punch Eggnogg and Beer.

My top 4 of Munich in the month December:
This area is used for the famous Oktoberfest and  transformed in a huge Christmas festival area in the month December. With loads of different handcraft little shops. People gather here together to eat, drink and besides  this shop till you drop. They offer a huge variety to buy different things to decorate your house, garden or yourself. Most stalls will sell biological and fairtrade products..

camel tolwoodtolwood tent

- English Garden Christmas Market
The ideal place to have a “green” walk. It’s the biggest and most beautiful park in Munich. In the middle of the park you find a Chinese Pagode and if you like some action you can see the surfers surfing in the fast paced river of the Isar. The English Garden has a friendly Christmas Market close by the Chinese Pagode.

English gardenIMG_5388P1030558
- Marienplatz (city centre)

Here you can find a variety of shops and Christmas markets. I love the vibe of it.


- ChristkindlTram (leaves from Sendlinger Tor) Christmas tram in the month of December every half hour from 11 in the morning. Tickets are 2 euro, it’s a great way to explore the city while drinking glühwein.


Have a Merry Christmas and blessed change of year all!!



Discover Munich, Germany

Hallo Everyone,

It’s been a while since I last posted something. Recently a lot of things changed in my life. I became an expat with my husband after living 11 years in the Netherlands. This time the destination is more Southern Europe Munich, Germany.

It’s an exciting move which brings a lot of new adventures with it. So far I have been in Germany for 3 weeks now, and what an experience. This time of year Munich is beautiful with the Christmas markets and glistering decorations. Everybody seems to be in a good mood and as they shop away, eat their bretzeln and drink their glühwein they greet each other in the Bavarian way of Grüß Gott.

Munich is more than just Oktoberfest as it’s known by most. It’s a city with rich history, beautiful gardens, famous art, great architecture and home of a lot of expats since it’s one of the most important cities of business for Germany. I hope to give you all a bit of inside information on the city, Bavarian food, how it is to live here as an expat, the day to day things and a different view on the city Munich, in the Bavarian region.



Review Jai Bharat Indian restaurant Haarlem


I’ve always been a huge fan of Indian food, the herbs, spices and different aroma’s always make me feel happy and warm inside. My relationship with Indian food go while back as I grew up in South Africa, which have a big Indian community in Durban which had the best curries in town. Also in the big supermarkets like Pick & Pay they had a samoussa stall. As we were doing monthly groceries shopping at Pick & Pay (like a tesco’s) I always begged to stop after at the Indian samoussa stall to get some fresh Indian delicacies.

Once moved to Europe I could only find that kind of food in the UK, London brick lane with the best curries and Indian snacks. In the Netherlands I’m still searching for the perfect location/restaurant that offers good quality Indian food. Most Indian restaurants I find once you order a meal it is so quickly served that it makes you wonder if it is really fresh. Covered in sauce but thinking a biryani that normally takes a few hours can be served in 15 minutes or even worse a lambcurry served in 10 minutes?

I finally managed to find a good, proper Indian restaurant in Haarlem close to the grote markt which take atleast 45minuts to serve a main course.  As a starter they have samousas, fried cheeses, papadums with chutney, spicy pepers and raita (cucumber with yogurt mix). My favorite Indian meals are the lambcurry, lamb rojas or a vegetable biryani my husband always order a chicken curry.

photo 2photo 1

Score out of 10 for the restaurant

Atmosphere 8
Food 8
Service 7,5
Price & Quality 8
Would I recommend it Yes I would surely   recommend this. The restaurant has a modern look and feel. The service is   great the only thing to mention would be that the price & quality level   is ok but not great. The prices are conform to the specialty restaurants in   Haarlem but more expensive than other Indian restaurants. Average price for a   curry 18 euro’s. It’s a restaurant I will only try on special occasions.

Ciao for now


Apple & Pear Crumble

Apple & Pear Crumble

It’s Apple and Pear season to celebrate it I made an apple & pear crumble recipe for you guys. It’s an ideal recipe to warm up in the cold days to come. The ginger and orange juice/zest in the recipe gives it a different dimension. Try the recipe and let me know your thoughts:)



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